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Hearing Aid Lab’s Story

Hearing Aid Lab is owned and operated by Luis Guzman, who has been working in the prescription hearing aid industry for over 40 years. Luis used to work for large companies where he wasn’t able to spend as much time as he wanted to with his patients and was expected to push sales. Luis decided to open his own practice 20 years ago so he could give his patients the time and attention they deserve.

Luis’s daughters have helped him with the family practice since they were children. They were raised there and helped in the office when they were young. Elise and Alexis went on and became certified hearing aid specialists and now help their father with the family practice. Hearing Aid Lab is entirely family owned and operated and dedicated to helping those with hearing loss enjoy an improved quality of life.

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At Hearing Aid Lab, we understand the challenges that hearing loss can present. That's why we offer a team of hearing aid professionals with a combined 40+ years of experience. Our team is well versed in the various types and degrees of hearing loss and are there to help with all levels of hearing loss, even the most extreme. 

If you or a loved one suspect that you are experiencing hearing loss, don’t hesitate to contact us. Hearing loss affects nearly all facets of our lives. Be sure to schedule a hearing consultation today to begin improving your quality of life and regain your hearing.

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