What to Expect During a Hearing Test

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At Hearing Aid Lab, we understand the importance of hearing health. Our mission is to provide affordable and quality hearing healthcare. Whether you suspect hearing loss or simply want a routine checkup, our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you. Our family owned practice and team of professionals are here to support and help you with all your hearing related needs. Here is what you can expect the first time you come to visit us.
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What to Expect at Your Hearing Test

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1. Scheduling Your Appointment

Before your visit, you'll need to schedule an appointment. You can do this easily by calling our office.

    2. Patient Information Form

    Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly office manager, Maria Guzman, or one of our other friendly staff. They will provide you with a patient information form to complete. This form helps us understand your medical history, any current concerns, and your hearing needs. Rest assured that all your information is kept strictly confidential.

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      3. Meet Your Hearing Care Specialist

      You will be introduced to one of our experienced hearing care specialists, Luis, Elise, or Alexis. They will guide you through the entire process. Feel free to ask any questions or share any concerns you may have regarding your hearing health.

        4. Pre-Test Discussion

        Your specialist will have a brief discussion with you about your hearing history, lifestyle, and any specific issues you've been experiencing. This information is crucial in tailoring the test to your individual needs.

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          5. Otoscopic Examination

          Before the actual hearing test, your specialist will conduct an otoscopic examination. This painless procedure involves looking into your ears with a special instrument called an otoscope. It allows us to check for any visible ear problems or blockages.

          6. Pure-Tone Audiometry

          The core of the hearing test is the pure-tone audiometry. You'll be seated in a soundproof booth and provided with earphones. Your specialist will play a series of tones at various frequencies and volumes. Your task is simply to indicate when you hear each tone by raising your hand or pressing a button.
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          7. Speech Audiometry

          During this test, you'll listen to spoken words or sentences at different volumes. You'll be asked to repeat what you hear. This helps us assess your ability to understand speech.

          8. Bone Conduction Testing

          If necessary, bone conduction testing may be conducted. This test assesses how your inner ear is functioning by bypassing the outer and middle ear and sending sound directly to the inner ear through a bone vibrator.
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          9. Results Discussion

          Once the tests are complete, your hearing care specialist will discuss the results with you. They will explain any hearing loss or issues detected and discuss potential treatment options, including prescription hearing aids if necessary.

          10. Recommendations and Next Steps

          Based on the test results and your individual needs, your specialist will make recommendations for further evaluation or treatment. If prescription hearing aids are recommended, you'll have the opportunity to explore different prescription hearing aid options and discuss the fitting process. We also offer a hearing aid trial period that will be discussed at this time.
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          11. Follow-Up Care

          At Hearing Aid Lab, our commitment to your hearing health doesn't end with your initial appointment. We provide ongoing support, adjustments, and follow-up care to ensure your prescription hearing aids are working optimally and that you continue to enjoy the benefits of improved hearing.

          12. Insurance and Payment

          We accept most insurance plans, and our team is happy to assist you in understanding your coverage. We also offer flexible payment options to make your hearing health a priority.
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          Remember, better hearing leads to a better quality of life. At Hearing Aid Lab, we're committed to helping you hear better and live better.

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